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Oceana Launches Website to Gather Data on Sick Fish in the Baltic Sea

21 August 2014, at 1:00am

FINLAND - Oceana invites authorities, stakeholders, the public and organisations to report incidents of unwell fish in the Baltic Sea.

Oceana has launched a website with the aim of compiling information on the issue of sick, dead and disappearing fish in the Baltic Sea. The creation of a database such as this will hopefully increase available knowledge and help researchers and authorities to carry out further studies on this worrying issue.

Reports from fishermen, coastal citizens and government authorities of poor water quality, dying or sick fish as well as fish stocks “disappearing” from the coast have been frequently occurring in the media in recent years. This has also been confirmed by Oceana’s research expeditions in the Baltic Sea, where dead, abnormal or fish in a very poor status have been encountered.

Investigations by governments in particularly problematic areas, such as Hanö Bay in Sweden, have been carried out, but no one has yet made an attempt to examine this problem from a pan Baltic Sea perspective, something that Oceana highly encourages.


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