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NZ King Salmon Welcomes EPA Decision

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NEW ZEALAND - New Zealand King Salmon is pleased its application for increased water space in the Marlborough Sounds has been deemed a project of national significance.

In August the company applied to the Environmental Protection Authority for planning permission to sustainably expand operations in the Marlborough Sounds. The EPA has recommended to the government that the application should proceed to a Board of Inquiry.

If successful, the company believes it can double production in three to five years in support of the aquaculture industrys target of $1 billion in sales by 2025 and create 120 new jobs in the region.

New Zealand King Salmon CEO Grant Rosewarne welcomes the Board of Inquiry process saying it is very robust.

Anyone can make a submission and we believe it is the best way to examine the scientific aspects involved in establishing new farms and the social and environmental issues that need to be considered."

The Environmental Protection Authority requires us to prepare very comprehensive evidence and submissions. The Board of Inquiry process is not cheap for us but it does enable anyone to have a say. The EPA will appoint a friend of submitters to facilitate that process.

Mr Rosewarne says the total amount of space involved in the companys application is very small about 0.1 per cent of the total Sounds surface area.

Few agricultural industries have the ability to create such significant export income from such a small amount of space, with a low, localised environmental impact. We look forward to presenting our plans to the Board of Inquiry.

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