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Nutreco Develop All-vegetarian Salmon Feed

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GENERAL - Nutreco have developed a new salmon feed which is said to be 100 per cent vegetarian.

Scientists at Nutreco Holding NV, the world’s largest maker of fish feed, spent a decade perfecting a salmon diet, replacing fish meal from wild catch such as Peruvian anchovies with a mix of soybeans, rapeseed and ground-up chicken, reports Bloomberg. According to Bloomberg, the company is working to phase out the chicken, making the meal all-vegetarian, said Alex Obach, managing director at Nutreco’s research unit.

“Fish have an amazing capacity to adapt very quickly to a new taste,” Obach said in an interview. “Salmon eat what you give them.”

With almost two wild fish needed to raise a single caged salmon, trawling the seas for fodder has become too costly to sustain a $79 billion farmed-fish industry that’s set to eclipse wild fishing in size. The swine flu has knocked pork’s reputation and lifted demand for salmon, supporting a fish-farm industry that’s been plagued by hygiene scandals and oversupply.