Norwegian Veterinary Institute Investigate New Fish Vaccines

2 September 2015, at 1:00am

NORWAY - The Veterinary Institute is involved in a project that aims to create new sustainable vaccines for farmed fish.

The project 'Targeting Vaccines for Sustainable Aquaculture' has been granted NOK 10 million over three years.

Vaccines against bacterial diseases in salmon have worked well and has meant that antibiotic use in the salmon industry has been significantly reduced. Now, however, viral diseases, in addition to lice, are the biggest disease challenges for the industry.

"It is partly because today's vaccines are not effective enough and that we lack knowledge about what really happens in the fish when it is infected by a virus," said Helena Hauge, project manager at the National Veterinary Institute.

Together with researcher Unni Grimholt she is developing goal-directed vaccines through the research project.

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