Norwegian Supplements from Salmon Trimmings Remain Friend of the Sea Certified

21 March 2016, at 12:00am

NORWAY - Hofseth BioCare Fish Oil and Fish Protein from salmon trimmings positively concluded the Friend of the Sea renewal audit and can continue displaying the Friend of the Sea seal of approval.

The Norwegian company was found compliant with Friend of the Sea fish feeds and oils certification requirements.

Hofseth BioCare produces fish oil and fish protein sourced exclusively from trimmings of salmon processing plants.

By using offcuts, Hofset BioCare is optimising the exploitation of valuable marine resources, otherwise wasted. The Company has a specific tracking procedure which guarantees the tracing of each trimming’s batch.

All the production is carried out in the Midsund plant where trimmings arrive in plastic boxes, all signed and numbered. Fresh offcuts that would otherwise be wasted are supplied to the factory several times a day and immediately processed.

GMO products are not used by Hofseth BioCare nor by its salmon trimmings suppliers.

The waste management system in place includes a filtering system treating the waste waters; controls occur three times a year and are regulated by the Norwegian Government.

“We’re very happy to be confirmed Friend of the Sea, as it proves the sustainable origin of our products” explained Henriette Heggdal, QA/QC Manager of Hofseth BioCare.