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Nordic Omega-3 Brand Newly Certified as Sustainable

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GLOBAL - Omega 3 supplements by the Nordic brand Friggs originating from approved fisheries are now carrying Friend of the Sea seal of approval.

Friggs is a leading brand in food supplements and health food in Sweden and rapidly growing in Finland and Norway.

Friggs was established in Sweden already in the late sixties and has since then been a pioneer in offering healthy and high quality products to the consumers. The brand has a high brand awareness and strong associations with health and wellbeing.

The fish oil for Omega 3 supplements originates from Peruvian anchovies fished in the South East Pacific Ocean (FAO area 87) by Friend of the Sea approved purse seine fleets. The fishery is managed according to sustainable criteria, with highly selective fishing method and from stocks that are not overfished nor overexploited.

The new certified Omega-3 food supplement from Friggs is initially sold in Sweden.