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No Virus is Invincible, Says Axcentive

by the Fish Site Editor
19 February 2013, at 12:00am

EU - Halamid is frequently tested against the latest norms for its killing effect on pathogenic viruses and bacteria, according to Axcentive.

The standards for testing evolve quickly, especially now that the new harmonised European biocide law calls for unambiguous efficacy data. Recently Halamid was tested against the ECBO virus.

Because of its resistance, this virus is often seen as the reference for virucidal activity in the veterinary segment. Halamid passed the test (minimum log-4 reduction) at both 10 and 20°C at high-level soiling.

Further proof that despite its mildness to skin and animals, Halamid is a powerfully effective disinfectant for livestock.

Further information can be obtained from local Halamid distributors or

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