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New Zealand's Billion Dollar Aquaculture Dream

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NEW ZEALAND - Aquaculture in New Zealand is making great strides towards its target of being a billion dollar industry by 2025.

Presenting for the first time on the first day of the annual seafood conference since the organisation’s inception in 2007, Aquaculture New Zealand CEO Mike Burrell said the aquaculture sector is now in a great position to succeed in these challenging economic times, says Aquaculture New Zealand.

“As the world’s fastest growing primary sector, aquaculture is in a position to meet a growing demand for fresh, safe, nutritious and sustainable seafood, a sector New Zealand has a natural advantage in.

“As an export earner the aquaculture sector has worked hard with a supportive government to create a regulatory environment that allows us to take advantage of New Zealand’s natural competitive advantage.

“However, regulatory reform alone is not the answer for the sector. We must fully engage in research and development and robust market development to contribute fully to the nation’s economic recovery.

“With a focus on these three facets of development the sector will have the ability to strengthen its proven role as an economic catalyst, particularly in the regions other industries have had to withdraw from.

“We, as a sector, have other primary sectors to learn from. In order to escape the law of diminishing returns we must have continued investment in technology, R&D and productivity - all essential to the maintenance of our role in the competitive international market.

“By investing in the medium term, confident in the support of government, we will see larger returns in the longer term as the world’s economy rights itself and the sector will be able to protect and enhance its growth and jobs.

By building on some of the world’s most innovative marine farming practices, the cleanest water and products seen round the world as the most environmentally sustainable, the sector has a very good platform to reach its billion dollar target well before 2025”, concluded Mr Burrell.

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