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New Sanitary Rules for Chilean Fish Farms

by 5m Editor
29 June 2009, at 1:00am

CHILE - New regulations designed to improve the sanitary conditions for Chilean farmed salmon came into force last week.

The measures are hoped to improve conditions in the Lagos and Aysen regions.

The rules are to be applied only to existing fish farms in the 35 concession groups established by SERNAPESCA in both regions at the beginning of this year, according to FIS.

They are particularly concerned with the specific oceanographic, epidemiological and operative characteristics that justify their coordinated handling.

The rules are published in Resolution N° 1449 of the National Fisheries Service (SERNAPESCA) published in the Diario Oficial.

Salmon producers will have to programme their productions according to specific dates \and there are regulations about sowing as well as the depths of the pens and the number of fish in each centre.


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