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New Regulation to Increase Concessions Value

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CHILE - The price of concessions are expected to rise when the General Law on Fisheries and Aquaclture becomes law, whether they are indefinite or limited to a 25 year period.

This is the view of the general manager of the food and salmon company MultiExport, Andrés Lyon.

According to a report in Fish Farming Export, he said that prices will be increased for concessions with a 25-year limit.

He said that the price will depend largely on the known production capacity of the concession.

He forecaste that this year will be a low production year for Atlantic salmon falling to just 25 per cent of production inprevious years.

He expects the market to recover by 2011.

He added that the recent prices have been stable for salmon, with the market focused on the USA and Brazil.

He added that prices will also be increased for concessions with 25-years limit because those sites will be evaluated under the corresponding legal norms, with high possibilities of renewal, reports FishfarmingXpert. “A real value differentiator is existence of a concession and its known production capacity” he said in an interview with Estrategia.

Besides, Andrés Lyon expects 2010 to be the year of lowest Atlantic salmon production, which might be only 25% of what was produced in the best years. “By the end of 2011 there would be some recovery due to sows intended to be done this year by several companies” he stated.

Regarding to the salmon price, he said that “the market is stable and the current demand has been focused on USA and Brazil, increasing referring prices for Atlantic salmon by 10% over the last weeks” he concluded.