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New Profile Reveals Potential of US Aquaculture

US - The US aquaculture industry includes about 4,000 farms with combined annual revenue of $1 billion. These are the findings of an industry profile by the worlds largest web-based market research resource, Research and Markets.

Aquaculture is a new addition to its statistics and surveillance service and it's proving a useful too. The data covers 175 industries and is updated every 90 days.

Its initial aquaculture profiles highlight the US market. It finds that the average annual revenue per farm is $250,000, but the industry is fragmented - with the top 200 farms generate 60 percent of industry revenue. Unlike the aquaculture industries operated in other regions of the world, no major companies dominate the US market

Catfish production accounts for 40 per cent of US farmed fish production

Competitive Landscape

US demand is driven primarily by domestic trends in fish consumption and competition from imports. Major products include catfish (40 per cent of farms); molluscs, such as clams and oysters (20 per cent); and trout (10 per cent). Freshwater shrimp, salmon, ornamental tropical fish, and baitfish also feature.

As an industry, US Aquaculture competes against livestock, poultry, and traditional fishing operations. Americans consume six billion pounds of seafood annually, although around 40 per cent is of foreign origin. Only eight per cent comes from domestic production.

For further information and a worldwide profile of aquaculture activities go to www.researchandmarkets/reports