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New Look to sponsor Carbon Kapture's kelp farms

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Fashion retailer New Look has teamed up with kelp farming startup Carbon Kapture to investing in the innovative “Hope on a Rope” initiative.

Rope-grown seaweed being harvested
Seaweed harvesting in Mulroy Bay, Ireland, June 2024

© Carbon Kapture

The initiative allows employees and the company at large to directly sponsor seaweed cultivation, effectively connecting their personal and corporate sustainability efforts to immediate environmental benefits.

Furthermore, the biochar produced from this seaweed is donated to local farmers, enhancing soil quality and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

Sue Fairley, New Look’s head of sustainability, said in a press release: “When we first heard about Carbon Kapture we were excited by the opportunity to get involved with a company operating close to our Dorset Support Centre, and our Letterkenny store close to Mulroy Bay. As well as supporting Carbon Kapture, we are using the seaweed to illustrate what we need to achieve across our wider business operations. We recognise that meeting our science-based targets will require us to widen the decarbonisation activities of our entire value chain. We love the multi-faceted impacts of Carbon Kapture’s initiative which align beautifully with our sustainability goals: removing and trapping tonnes of carbon, improving biodiversity and soil health as well as creating employment opportunities and supporting local communities. We would love to play a small part in the growth of the Carbon Kapture work at home and abroad.”

The Hope on a Rope initiative offers New Look employees a personal stake in sustainability, allowing them to sponsor seaweed on a per metre basis. This direct involvement links their contributions to tangible environmental impacts, notably supporting faster carbon sequestration compared to traditional tree planting, with results visible within a year.

Howard Gunstock, CEO of Carbon Kapture, remarked: "Our collaboration with New Look is designed to resonate deeply with their teams, demonstrating our shared commitment to actionable environmental stewardship. By working together, we’re not just advancing sustainability but also cultivating an ethos of responsibility and innovation across the retail sector."

Paul Rees, chief revenue officer at Carbon Kapture, added, "Our partnership with New Look exemplifies how enterprises can leverage Carbon Kapture’s Hope on a Rope model to directly benefit the communities they most affect around the globe, rather than investing in distant sustainability projects unrelated to their operations. By actively involving their employees and customers in sponsoring seaweed cultivation, companies not only empower these stakeholders but also amplify their overall impact on sustainability. Seaweed grows at speed and absorbs CO2 far more efficiently than trees, providing a swift and effective solution to carbon sequestration. Furthermore, the transformation of this seaweed into biochar offers a higher degree of permanence for carbon storage, enhancing environmental benefits over the long term. This model fosters a deeper connection with local ecosystems and communities, creating tangible, positive change that aligns closely with corporate values and operational footprints."

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