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New Fish Feed Sees Strong Asian Demand

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INDIA - Yeo Keng Joon, who heads Bharat Luxindo, is cautiously upbeat about business prospects despite the weakening global economic climate.

This is because Bharat Luxindo, which supplies prawn and fish feeds to farmers in Andra Pradesh, India, continues to see strong end-demand in markets such as West Bengal, writes Ang An Shing for BuisnessTimes.

'In addition we are helping the farms to increase their productivity by using our pelleted feed which will enable them to stock the fish in the ponds at a higher stocking density than what they have been traditionally used to,' Yeo Keng Joon told the news agency.

According to BusinessTimes, the entrepreneur also has interests in other companies that invest in biotechnology research and aquaculture feed operations in Indonesia.

Last year, Bharat Luxindo posted a revenue of US$5.2 million - up from US$3.8 million in the previous year.

Although Mr Yeo started the aquaculture business with his partners only in 1997, his associations with the industry began much earlier.

Prior to founding the company, he was the aquaculture director with Gold Coin Group, one of the leading animal feeds and nutrition companies in Asia, for more than 10 years. It was also for this reason that the partners decided to focus on the aquaculture feed business.

When asked about the key factors behind the company's growth, Mr Yeo pointed to the multi-million-dollar investments made in Indonesia and India, which boast large domestic markets. He adds: 'The market is so huge, even 20 factories of the current size in India would not be enough'.