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New Cases of Oyster Herpesvirus

by 5m Editor
6 September 2010, at 1:00am

UK - The World Animal Health Organisation - OIE - has received reports of two more outbreaks of Oyster herpesvirus (OsHV-1, var), in the UK.

The latest outbreaks were reported to the OIE by the UK's Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr Nigel Gibbens, in farmed Pacific Oysters, Crassostrea gigas (diploid and triploid), grown on beds and bags on trestles. Only juveniles have been affected.

The outbreaks are in Grouville Bay, South-East Jersey.

In one 54 per cent of the juvenile oysters were killed and in teh second incidence a quarter of the oysters died.

The UK authorities have put in a series of surveillance measures to monitor and control the disease.


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