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Natural Feed Additives From Chemoforma

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SWITZERLAND - Chemoforma AG produces natural feed additives based on a balanced formulation of purified RNA and purified nucleotides to meet the increased demand for these building blocks for life development, growth, stress and health challenges in the aquaculture and livestock industries.

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Increasing feed prices, demand for higher numbers of animals and increased health concerns in animal production have evoked the need for feed additives or feed supplements with proven physiological benefits for the animals and which simultaneously provide protection against diseases in the target species.

The active ingredients of all products of Chemoforma AG are management tools to maintain general health, enhance the development of young animals and to manage the deleterious effects of stress.

The natural defence mechanisms of organisms are actively supported without generating negative side effects like adaptation or resistance. In addition, the physiological effects of stress on molecular levels are absorbed.

Moreover, the performance, as well as productivity of all kinds of animals, is actively supported by facilitated and accelerated cell multiplication during development and growth.

The high degree of purity of RNA/nucleotides ensures the unhindered and complete uptake of these nutrients in the intestinal tract.

Thus the products of Chemoforma AG are shifted to conditionally essential nutrients in animal production and fit into the classification of nutraceuticals for the development of functional feed.

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