Mycotoxins Represent a Real Risk to Aquaculture

30 August 2016, at 1:00am

Mycotoxins represent a real risk to aquaculture, according to Rui Gonalves, an Aquaculture Scientist at BIOMIN, citing recent data from a recent peer-reviewed scientific study showing that deoxynivalenol and fumonisins were the most common mycotoxins found in finished aquafeeds (Gonalves et al. 2016).

A full 76 per cent of samples tested contained two or more mycotoxins. A total of 41 finished aquafeed samples from Europe and Asia were analysed.

Recognising the threat

“Though it may be a relatively new topic for the industry, mycotoxins are important to aquaculture in terms of the negative effects in animals,” said Gonçalo Santos, R&D Manager Aquaculture at BIOMIN.

“While each mycotoxin has its own structure and particular effects, we know that generally mycotoxins reduce growth, increase mortality and decrease weight gain,” stated Michele Muccio, Mycotoxin Risk Management Product Manager at BIOMIN.

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