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Mycotoxin Workshop Supported by Biomin

07 August 2013, at 1:00am

BELGIUM - From 22 to 24 May 2013, the University College and University of Ghent, as well as the Society of Mycotoxin Research organised the 35th Mycotoxin Workshop.

More than 30 oral presentations and approximately 120 posters gave insight into new studies regarding detection, production and occurrence, impact on animal and human health, reduction and prevention, as well as toxicology. This conference was a great opportunity for young scientists, especially PhD students, to introduce aspects of their research.

Biomin was not only a main sponsor but also contributed to the extensive scientific program, with several posters and an oral presentation by Michaela Thamhesl. The latter dealt with the isolation of Rhodococcus erythropolis as well as the cloning of two enzymes, responsible for hydrolysis and deamination of ergopeptines.

The concluding conference dinner offered a pleasant atmosphere and a great opportunity for scientific and social exchange, as well as networking.

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