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MSD Vaccination Programmes a Success in Chile

14 March 2013, at 12:00am

CHILE - Thanks to the work of MSD Animal Health, the Chilean salmon farming industry has recovered to its previous production high. At a meeting held prior to VIV Asia in Bangkok, Thailand, Oscar Parra, MSD Aquaculture Business Unit Manager, Chile, explained the success that the vaccination programmes have had, writes Lucy Towers, TheFishSite Editor.

Since the very beginning, over 30 years ago, the Chilean salmon farming industry has been under a big challenge due to the many different fish diseases present in the country.

However, it has only been during the last decade, where most pathologies have become a major threat, mainly due to the intensification of this successful industry.

When an Infectious Salmon Anemia outbreak hit Chile in 2007, the country's salmon production dropped and many investors lost confidence in the industry.

Since 2011, however, the industry has been recovering thanks to the help of vaccines, among other complementary strategies, that have played a relevant and decisive role in providing a sustainable method for disease control.

ISA in Chile is a good example of how vaccines and comprehensive vaccination programmes have helped to control a disease that caused a severe drop in the overall production volume.

The majority of salmon in Chile are now vaccinated. Mr Parra stated that 100 per cent of Atlantic salmon and 97 per cent of Pacific salmon are vaccinated.

As a long term and evolving programme, the vaccination of salmon has proved successful.

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