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MSC Partnership Delivers Sustainability Seminar

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GLOBAL and CANADA - The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) has entered into a partnership with the North Atlantic Seafood Forum (NASF) conference in Oslo, to support the organisation of the first MSC Sustainability and Communications seminar.

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The seventh NASF Conference will be held in Oslo, Norway on 6 - 8 March, 2012.

The full programme and registration of this three day event are now available on the NASF website.

During the first MSC Sustainability and Communications seminar, top level speakers will present a high level overview of the issues that define the sustainability debate, from different perspectives. In addition to practical examples of successes and challenges throughout the supply chain, the following will be covered:

  • The future of seafood sustainability and communication.
  • The impact of sustainability for business operators in the seafood supply chain – the challenges and opportunities.
  • Communication in relation to business impacts – reputational risks and certification.
  • A panel debate on the impact of policy, science and market aspects of seafood sustainability on business now and in years to come.

This seminar will be of interest for seafood business executives, fisheries scientists, policy makers, standard setters and auditors, as well as environmental organisations.

Peter Hajipieris, Iglo Birdseye Chief Technical, Sustainability and External Affairs officer, chairman of the seminar says: “We operate in global, fragmented value chains, accessing seafood from areas that are at different stages in their understanding of fisheries governance, fisheries branding and consumer behaviour and marketing. Even some developed fisheries organisations at policy, national or local level are unfamiliar with the change management skills needed to formulate governance regimes and consumer marketing programmes to demonstrate ‘responsible’ or ‘sustainable’ fisheries."

"Achieving a more sustainable industry will require complete value chains to become better skilled at demonstrating progress in Sustainable Fisheries Development. Against this backdrop, the ‘NASF Sustainability seminar, exploring opportunities’ is a fantastic opportunity to discuss, explore and hear how industry practitioners are driving their own versions of Sustainable Fisheries Development in conjunction with the certifiers and the standards holders. We hope the seminar will remove some of the ‘cloudiness’ that is so often part of the debate in Sustainable Fisheries Development.”

Camiel Derichs, Deputy Director Europe (MSC) says: “Sustainability is today a core part of doing business in the seafood industry, and it is critical for decision makers to fully understand the context, challenges and opportunities that come with it. To that end the Sustainability and Communications seminar 2012 will have a number of special sessions which will broaden the scope of the NASF conference. A large number of top level speakers, which have pioneered sustainability in the seafood supply chains over the last decade, will share their insights”.

NASF Managing Director of the NASF Conference Jørgen J. Lund says: “Participation of key stakeholders like Iglo Foods Group and MSC at the NASF conference will attract interest and attention from seafood firms, retail and fisheries stakeholders all over the world. This will solidify NASF’s position as a leading fisheries & aquaculture business arena.”