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Moroccan Sardines, Mackerel Obtain Friend of the Sea Certification

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MOROCCO - Sardines and mackerels from Merveilles des Mers, a leading Moroccan company specialising in canned seafood, have positively undergone audit for sustainable fishery and chain of custody verification.

The certified products can now carry the Friend of the Sea seal of approval.

The sardines and mackerel stocks are not overexploited in the Eastern Central Atlantic area from which Merveilles des Mers is sourcing. Purse seine fishing does not impact the seabed and it is very selective. Fishing gears comply with local regulations, both for net and mesh size.

The fishery respects Marine Protected Areas. All fishing vessel supplying the factory are regularly registered and a fishing authorisation is issued by local maritime authority before and after the fishing trips.

A comprehensive traceability system is in place to guarantee that all Friend of the Sea requirements are fulfilled and that no mixing occurs between certified and not certified origins.

“We share the same sustainability vision of the Friend of the Sea programme,” Mr Mustapha Oubarka, General Manager of Merveilles des Mers.

“Friend of the Sea has become a leading standard for sustainable seafood and this recognition provides an important added value for our customers.”