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More Funds for Makapuu Shrimp

US - The Oceanic Institute will receive $3.1 million of federal money this fiscal year in spite of losing US$millions in federal funding last year in the controversy over the congressional practice of earmarking funds for projects.

According to the Star Bulletin, this years funds will support the US Marine Shrimp Farming Program, a consortium of seven institutions led by the Makapuu research facility to develop a competitive domestic shrimp farming industry.

Two decades of steady funding have allowed the institute to develop a disease-free shrimp breeding program, said Oceanic President Bruce Anderson.

The program received $4.1 million in earmarked federal funds in fiscal 2006 but was one of the casualties of the move to eliminate earmarks last year, he said.

"One of the things earmarks allow is continued research over many years like shrimp breeding, which takes years to develop new lines of shrimp -- in our case, 20 years," Anderson said. "We have invested a tremendous amount of time and energy in the shrimp breeding program. It is known throughout the world as the premier shrimp breeding program today."

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