Ministers Discuss Mediterranean Fishery Technical Issues

19 January 2015, at 12:00am

SPAIN - The Ministry of Agriculture , Food and Environment through the General Secretariat of Fisheries organised a technical training for the fisheries sector on certain technical aspects of the Mediterranean fishery.

The meeting, chaired by the Director General of Fisheries Management, D. Carlos Larrañaga, was attended by representatives of the National Federation of Fishermen and the various provincial federations of the Mediterranean.

In order to inform, analyse and clarify with the fishing sector specific regulatory issues affecting the fleet in the Mediterranean, various issues arising from the implementation of national and international standards were addressed.

The Spanish fleet in this fishery raised concerns such as technical aspects related to existing technical measures with regard to minimum sizes, the new landing obligation (effective for certain fisheries since 1 Jan.) and measures related to the control of fishing in that fishery.

From a practical point of view, aspects related to the implementation of the electronic logbook (DEA) were also discussed.