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Minister Highlights Important Role of Fisheries Protection Vesel

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NORTHERN IRELAND, UK - Fisheries Minister Michelle ONeill has visited her Departments Fisheries Protection Vessel, Banron Uladh, which is based at Bangor Marina.

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The vessels name is Irish for Queen of Ulster and it operates around the whole coastline and in the Irish Sea.

Speaking after a short trip on the vessel to view at first hand the work it undertakes, the Minister said: This vessel plays an essential role in helping by Departments Fisheries Dvision to carry out a range of duties including the conservation, protection and sustainable development of sea fisheries and aquaculture. It provides a safe and effective platform for delivering these functions at sea by monitoring fishing activity and enforcing fisheries legislation.

The all aluminium vessel is 26 metres long and the two 900kw MTU engines produce a top speed of 26 knots. The aft deck features a 6m RIB launched from a stern ramp to board fishing vessels at sea and inspect fishing gear and catches. The vessel is also equipped to fulfil an important marine survey role with a capacity to map features on the seabed, survey inshore resources for the fisheries and aquaculture sectors and monitor the marine environment.

The Minister said: The Banron Uladh is a first class resource for helping us deliver effective fisheries management and is invaluable in helping us ensure local fisheries regulations are upheld.