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Meriden at World Aquaculture in Korea

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KOREA - The World Aquaculture show in Korea from 19 - 23 May saw the successful introduction of Meriden's Orego-Stim Aqua into the Korean market.

Pictured from left: Dr Max Oh (Overseas Business Division Director), Daniel Cabrera Villela of Proaqua, Dr Claire Yew of Meriden Animal Health Limited & Gustavo de la Rosa Ruis of Proaqua.

Meriden's Technical Sales manager, Dr Claire Yew (DVM) attended the show in support of Meriden's Korean distributor CTCBio.

The company said that the many visitors to the stand were interested in the product and its advantages over other feed additives for aqua species.

Orego-Stim, the bench mark product for phytobiotics developed after 20 years of research, was initially launched in 2000 for the use in livestock animals such as pigs and poultry.

Since then it has achieved global success and is now used for other species such as cows, pigeons and caged birds, just to name a few.

The product has now been developed for aquatic animals. The product is 100% natural and is derived from a plantation-grown hybrid oregano plant and acts as a feed enhancer with a number of unique properties including antibacterial properties.