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Meet the Fish Vet

DENVER, US - It may be hard to visualize a goldfish undergoing surgery on an operating table, but there really is a veterinarian in Denver who specializes in such surgeries.

A squirming fish is hauled out of a fish pond, anesthetized and put through a physical examination, writes Ward Lucas for 9News.

According to the news agency, X-rays are taken of the fish and it's given an ultrasound. As odd as it sounds, a fish owner who has paid $5,000 to $10,000 for a prized Japanese Koi may find that special medical care for a fish is well worth the cost.

Meet Dr. Koi, a fully certified veterinarian who knows more about fish ailments and their cures than many biologists. Dr. Koi is the pseudonym for veterinarian Jena Questen. Questen was a vet technician for a number of years and decided she wanted to become a doctor of veterinary medicine. She eventually got her degree from Colorado State University in 2001.