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Marine Harvest Q2 Harvest Volume Increases From Q1

12 July 2012, at 1:00am

GLOBAL - Marine Harvest has reported a total harvest volume of 99,000 tonnes after the end of the second quarter in 2012, in its Q2 update.

The harvest volumes after the end of Q2 2012 are as follows:

  • Farming Norway - 64,000 tonnes
  • Farming Chile - 9,000 tonnes
  • Farming Canada - 11,000 tonnes
  • Farming Scotland - 11,000 tonnes
  • Other - 4,000 tonnes
  • Total - 99,000 tonnes

In connection with the presentation of the Q1 2012 results, Marine Harvest guided a total harvest volume of 95,000 tonnes (HOG) for Q2 2012.

Operational EBIT for the Group was approximately NOK 225 million in Q2 2012 (NOK 894 million in Q2 2011).

Net interest bearing debt per 30 June 2012 was approximately NOK 5,200 million.

The harvest volume originating in Norway contributed with a total operational EBIT through the value chain of NOK 3.37 per kg.

Marine Harvest will release its Q2 2012 results on 19 July at 0700 CET.

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