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Making prawns more profitable

BANGKOK - Making prawns more profitable by reducing the frequency of females is the key to a business plan that young local entrepreneurs are ready to take onto the world stage

The humble shrimp occupies an exalted position in Thailand's export economy, so finding ways to profit from the resource has long been a preoccupation of researchers and businesses. A team of young entrepreneurs believes it's perfected an approach that could be a big money-spinner.

The team, which calls itself ''Power Prawns'', has found a way to eliminate smaller, less profitable females from the gene pool, and replace them with mixed-gender prawns. It sounds simple but it was hard work for the six friends, who developed the product while attending university and working part-time. ''Those months, we ate, talked, and breathed prawns,'' says one team member.

Their efforts are may be paying off _ the team recently won the won the first prize at this year's Asian Moot Corp business plan competition. Now they're heading to the US state of Oregon for the New Venture Championship that starts this coming Thursday, and the Global Moot Corp _ a major contest that welcomes participants from around the world.

Source: Bangkok Post