Major Breakthrough in Ammonia/Nitrite Control for Aquaculture

26 February 2016, at 12:00am

IRELAND - They say you cant teach an old dog new tricks... but a small Bio-Tech company in Dublin, Ireland is about to change all that!

Bio-Industries Ltd. has created FirstBIO, an extraordinary new natural biological product that immediately starts to control Ammonia-Nitrite by using a novel method of removal which no longer requires adding nitrifiers and waiting for nitrification.

Ammonia/Nitrite removal is no longer dependent on stabilising water conditions to establish nitrifying populations to start the Nitrification Cycle. At the same time FirstBIO improves overall water conditions by stabilizing pH which leads to healthier aquatic life and less stress. It can even control Ammonia-Nitrite levels in extreme water conditions.

In test after test, FirstBIO continues to astound users as to its unique capabilities. It can not only reduce high levels of Ammonia-Nitrite in as little as 24 to 96 hours but also stop them from occurring in a wide range of operating conditions. It has been shown to significantly reduce the lag time normally associated with establishing nitrifying populations to start the Nitrification Cycle.

FirstBIO is like NO other product available because it is the only product to have been developed with a group of Class I microorganisms called “extremophiles” not previously commercially available. These microorganisms can operate in a wide range of normal and hostile water conditions and are bio-synergistic having the ability to significantly improve the biological action of other bacteria operating within the processes.

The result of more than 3 years of intensive manufacturing development, Bio-Industries Ltd. started field testing of FirstBIO in mid-2014 and immediately realised that the product was superior to just adding nitrifying bacteria and waiting for nitrification to begin.

So now aquaculture operators can get faster control of their water conditions. FirstBIO is a very cost effective ultra-concentrate and usage rates are based on water volume or filter capacity. It is simply added to the water or filter as required and during restocking.

Worldwide Distributor Inquiries Welcomed.

For more information contact: J. Strauss at or Tel: 00 (41) 79-301-9791.
Bio-Industries Ltd, Unit 66D Heather Road, Sandyford Business Park, Dublin 18, Ireland.