MacNeil Slams BBC 3 Fish Documentary

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
3 February 2010, at 12:00am

SCOTLAND, UK - The BBC Three documentary Britains Really Disgusting Food: Fish has been condemned by Scottish National Party Angus MacNeil, who says they presented highly biased views of the fishing industry world-wide.

Mr MacNeil commented: "This documentary never attempted to gain a variety of opinion of fishermen in the field or even mention the failed Common Fisheries Policy that is main cause of so many issues.

“This kind of journalism is only meant to scare us as opposed to presenting real answers to real problems.

“Here on the West-Coast of Scotland and, all over the country, hard working fishermen are braving the elements to bring us the best, sustainable fish in the world.

“I hope that people continue to eat fish and that we all work to secure the future of this proud, historic, Scottish industry."