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Mackerel Boycott Call

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SCOTLAND, UK - A Scots Euro MP has called for a boycott of Icelandic and Faroese goods across the EU.

Struan Stevenson MEP has demanded the boycott in response to the collapse of talks between Iceland, the Faroes and the EU over mackerel stocks.

Speaking from the European Parliament in Brussels he said: "We have had seven rounds of talks with Iceland and the Faroes over mackerel stocks and they have refused to budge.

“In fact, in a deeply offensive and provocative move, the Faroese have decided to almost double their catch this year to 150,000 tonnes, up from 85,000 tonnes in 2010.

“If the Faroese had stuck to the original coastal states management plan that they previously participated in together with Norway and the EU, their entitlement would have been only 29,700 tonnes. Instead, they are ignoring all scientific advice and performing a greedy smash and grab raid on this stock of north east Atlantic mackerel.

"Together with Iceland, which has set a unilateral catch quota for 2011 of 150,000 tonnes, these two nations, who boast about their sustainable fishing policies, will virtually exterminate the mackerel stock. Both countries have previous track records when it comes to over exploiting fish, having decimated blue whiting stocks after engaging in Olympic fishing and refusing to comply with international agreements.

"The European Commission is currently examining proposals for sanctions against Iceland on all mackerel landings in EU ports. However, this scandalous behaviour by both Iceland and the Faroes requires a more robust response.

“These countries are hellbent on destroying fish stocks and destroying jobs in the EU. I am therefore calling on all EU citizens and businesses to implement a comprehensive boycott on all goods and products coming from either nation.

"We import a lot of fresh and frozen fisheries products from Iceland and the Faroes, together with significant quantities of salmon and trout. We also import products and services for the fishing and fish processing sectors and many different items like ropes, trawls, and trawl doors for our fishing fleet.

“We should immediately sever all such contracts and refuse to trade with either country until they see sense and agree to enter into a realistic and sustainable agreement on the future management of mackerel."

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