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Laughing aloud: Product proves aquaculture can be sustainable

SAN FRANCISCO CleanFish, a San Francisco-based sustainable seafood company, has introduced Laughing Bird Caribbean White Shrimp, a fresh shrimp produced by a family-owned, eco-friendly operation in coastal Belize.

Laughing Bird Caribbean White Shrimp is farmed with attention to the health of the animal, the environment and the people who consume it. It is produced from a closed-loop aquaculture system that sets the gold standard for shrimp farmed globally in terms of land use, water reuse, lined ponds and stocks of highly monitored, healthy shrimp.

A recent report on shrimp farming and the environment, prepared for WWF, the World Bank and Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations Consortium Program says that this kind of system is the future of shrimp production.
And these organisations and others are behind this new model of aquaculture in Belize, says the CleanFish company.

“Chefs today want to cook with excellence, openness and integrity, using the purest ingredients. That’s what sets the Laughing Bird shrimp apart — it is a superior product that will impress chefs and consumers who have high standards for both taste and environmental stewardship,” says Tim O’Shea, founder and CEO of CleanFish.

The company sources and promotes top quality seafood that is safe and sustainable. It believes that artisanal production, attention to human health and environmental stewardship also make a significant difference the taste of seafood products.

This new sustainable alternative to rock shrimp is sweet and briny, with a fleshy firmness, but its benefits to the environment equals, and may even exceed, its tasty reputation. It is suited to environmentalists by provenance and to seafood lovers for its pure, sweet flavour. It’s pleasing to the conscience and the palate, says the company.

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