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Labelling Scottish Smoked Salmon

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SCOTLAND - The Scottish Smoked Salmon Producers Group has applied to Defra for Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) for "Scottish Farmed Salmon Smoked in Scotland".

The application seeks to protect salmon which is reared in Scotland and smoked in Scotland.

It is aimed at clearly differentiating "Scottish Farmed Salmon Smoked in Scotland" from "Smoked Salmon":

  • “Smoked Salmon “ can be used to describe wild farmed Atlantic Salmon or Pacific Salmon.
  • "Scottish Smoked Salmon" can be used to describe wild or farmed Atlantic or Pacific salmon smoked in Scotland.
  • "Smoked Scottish Salmon" can be used to describe wild or farmed Atlantic salmon caught or reared in Scotland and smoked anywhere in the world.

Ian Michie, salmon aquaculture manager for Macrae Edinburgh, commented: "Scottish Farmed Salmon was granted PGI status in recognition of its high quality and the strong links between this and the unique nature of the marine production areas on the west coast, western isles and northern isles of Scotland which are instrumental in creating these quality characteristics."

Roy Cunningham, managing director of Macrae Edinburgh, the company which initiated the PGI application for "Scottish Farmed Salmon Smoked in Scotland", added: "The purpose of this application is to remove existing ambiguity and the potential for confusion on the part of consumers who wish to choose salmon that is farmed and smoked in Scotland over other products bearing similar names, that are both different and of hugely variable provenance.”

"Scottish Farmed Salmon Smoked in Scotland has a worldwide reputation for excellence. The quality of Scottish air and water, both used as ingredients, are renowned for the contribution they make to our food and drink production, as is the wood derived from oak Scotch whisky casks and blended chips from oak, birch, beech, peat and heather which are used in our smoking processes.”

Mr Cunningham continued: "Leading food writers and restaurateurs have published and otherwise recorded their opinions that Scottish Farmed Salmon Smoked in Scotland is a different and superior product.”

"The smoking of salmon was developed in Scotland many centuries ago, primarily as a means of preserving the flesh of locally caught salmon. Today, its main purpose is to impart a pleasant flavour rather than to extend its shelf life."

The application has support from the Salmon Processors & Smokers Group. Its chairman, Kevin Farrell of Loch Fyne Oysters, said, "The PGI would provide a clear identification mark for Scottish smoked salmon, confirming recognition of the benefits of combining high-quality, Scottish farmed salmon from a unique marine environment with traditional smoking practices developed over centuries.”

"Consumers are constantly requesting confirmation of the provenance of our products and the PGI would be a rewarding stamp of quality for the distinctive products that the Scottish smoking industry produce,” he concluded.

Macrae Edinburgh and Pinneys of Scotland have developed a "guaranteed smoked in Scotland" marque for the export market which they exhibited at the International Boston Seafood Show.

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