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Label Rouge Scottish Salmon Leaps Onwards

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SCOTLAND, UK - A new marketing campaign has been launched to promote Label Rouge Scottish Salmon to discerning European consumers as new figures show sales of the premium product leapt 19 per cent to record levels in 2009.

Scottish Quality Salmon (SQS) has announced that sales of Label Rouge Scottish Salmon rose to 7,251 tonnes from 6,099 tonnes in 2008, with support from the Scottish Government through a European Fisheries Fund (EFF) grant.

Mr Salmond launched the campaign in Paris alongside Scott Landsburgh, Chief Executive of SQS and Scottish Salmon Producers' Organisation, and Michel Blanchet, President of the Master Chefs of France - one of the world’s most highly-starred groups of culinary experts.

The First Minister said: “Scottish salmon was the first non-French food to receive the highly-prized Label Rouge designation and the product has recently achieved the milestone of the export of 20 million fish since it first received the prestigious accolade in 1992.

“It is an ideal time to launch a fresh campaign that can reach out to discerning chefs and consumers in France and beyond. The Scottish Government is very pleased to support this latest initiative which will showcase Scotland’s reputation for fine food and drink and secure Label Rouge Scottish Salmon’s continued place at the top table of world cuisine.”

Scott Landsburgh said: “As France has the reputation for some of the best food in the world, this substantial increase is a great achievement for Label Rouge Scottish Salmon.

“Support from the Scottish Government and confidence in Label Rouge status have been key factors in this success. Consumers, fishmongers, wholesalers and the most highly-starred group of culinary experts in France clearly understand that Label Rouge Scottish Salmon is top of the range, superior quality, packed full of the health enhancing Omega-3s.”

Michel Blanchet said: “This significant growth in sales of such a fine product does not surprise me. The Master Chefs have chosen this fish as its consistent texture, flesh and flavour make it the perfect ingredient.

“Scottish food products are highly prized in France as people become increasingly aware of the quality they can expect from this origin. Label Rouge Scottish Salmon meets the expectations of the most discerning palate.”

The new campaign includes a new website ( to support a series of seasonal promotions targeting the seafood trade and consumer markets in France. As the campaign develops later this year, new overseas markets for Label Rouge Scottish Salmon, such as Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands, are to be targeted.