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Koi Cruise Announces Kodama is the First Farm

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LOS ANGELES, CA - Kodama Koi Farm has built an excellent partnership working with nearly 200 of Japans Nishikigoi breeders for over 40 years.

Grant Williams CEO of MLC Cruises announced today, Kodama Koi Farm is the first stop on their Historic Koi Buying Trip and Cruise. “Kodama is a world-class import Koi dealer for Japanese Koi. We our proud to select them as our first Koi farm to visit on this once in a lifetime Koi buying trip and cruise.” said Williams

Niigata is the cradle for quality Nishikigoi. There are about 200 breeders in the region who work hard to breed more and more beautiful Nishikigoi. Kodama has built an excellent partnership working with nearly all these breeders for over 40 years.

In 2006 Kodama built the largest farm of imported Japanese Koi in Hawaii. With 60 sets of 5,000 gallon quarantine ponds and seventy 40,000 gallon Champion ponds, Kodoma carries as many of these Niigata Breeders Koi as possible. They strive to be a new Niigata outside Japan with the same qualities, yet much closer to many buyers.

When spring arrives in Japan, hobbyists from around the world go there to buy Koi and leave them with the breeder to develop their further growth and beauty in their mud ponds. When fall comes, the breeder harvests the Koi. The harvest is one of the most exciting and joyful experiences in this hobby. Kodama Koi Farm also offers this exciting experience.

Mamoru Kodama, Founder & Chairman of Miyoshiike Co, is an expert in the Koi industry and a well-known author on Koi. Several times a year he’s invited to speak as a guest lecturer by international Koi clubs within the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and others. His approach to the beauty of Koi inspires and enlightens many Koi hobbyists and dealers around the world.

Mamoru and his son, Taro, know the importance’s of good Koi health. The first quarantine starts in Japan at Miyoshiike for at least one month before arriving in Hawaii. Upon their arrival, each shipment of fish is placed in its own tank. Then, Pathogen free fish are added with the tank temperature set at 73 degrees. The fish are kept there for another four weeks of quarantine. Pathogen free fish act like miner’s canaries, which will instantly alert Taro to any problems. Near the end of the quarantine period, several ‘canaries’ from each tank are KHV tested. Each of the quarantine tanks has its own separate filtration, and fish and water never mix from one tank to another. If any parasites, bacteria or viruses are present, they become immediately observable on the pathogen free fish which have no immune system. Each incoming Koi will stay an average of 2-4 months at Kodoma before moving them to the buyer’s ponds.

Through the Online Auction that began in 2001, Japan Koi Online has introduced more than 28,000 Koi, including several grand champions. Taro and his team continue their best effort to introduce high quality Japanese Koi.

On April 15, 2010 guests will meet in Honolulu for a two-night pre cruise hotel stay at the Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki and Golf Club. During this stay participants will visit Oahu’s top breeders, Kodama and Nikkei Koi Farms, before sailing. On April 17, 2010 everyone will board Norwegian Cruise Line’s (NCL) newer and very innovative ship, the Pride of America, for a 7-day cruise from Oahu to Maui, Hawaii and Kauai.

“This is a history-making event unlike anything else. We will all enjoy a buying trip and cruise that visits the top Koi breeders of the Hawaiian Islands. All of this while aboard a world-class cruise ship. This a Koi buying trip of a lifetime,” Williams said.