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KFC Makes Sustainable Fishing Commitment with MSC Certification

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FRANCE - Major fast-food player KFC takes its sustainable development commitment to a higher level by obtaining MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certification. The fish KFC offers, which is 100 per cent pollock, is now from sustainable fishing. This initiative further underscores the chain's desire to ensure its products' quality, traceability and safety.

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With MSC certification, KFC France takes another step towards its goal of becoming a responsible company, which the "responsibility pact" is steadily achieving.

"We're aware of what's at stake today," says Olivier Grouet of KFC France Product Excellence, "and share strong values, which guide our actions and form KFC France's responsibility pact: people (our employees' growth), food (our products' quality), citizenship (solidarity and sponsorship) and the Earth (environmental protection)."

MSC certification is part of that approach to making KFC's growth the springboard to sustainable, responsible development. The Twister Fish and Fish Tenders served in KFC's 143 restaurants in France are now 100 per cent made of pollock filet from sustainable fishing.

MSC spearheads a sweeping programme in cooperation with partners to transform the global seafood market and promote sustainable fishing practices. "MSC certification is based on rigorous sustainable fishing and seafood traceability standards," says MSC France Manager Edouard Le Bart. "A certification body and independent experts evaluate the pollock fisheries KFC sources from, based on MSC's three principles: the state of fish stocks, impact on ecosystems and effectiveness of the fisheries management system."