Join Us for the 'Microalgae Industry: Myths and Realities' Webinar

14 April 2016, at 1:00am

GLOBAL - TheFishSite has successfully delivered a range of aquaculture focused webinars on topics such as sustainability and fish health and welfare. The next webinar, to be held in April 2016, will focus on microalgae in the aquaculture industry.

'Microalgae Industry: Myths and Realities' will be held on April 28 and delivered by Victor Chepurnov, Research and Development Manager at Tom Algae.

The webinar will look at the use of and importance of algae in the aquaculture industry. Mr Chepurnov will also draw upon literature and introduce real companies working with microalgae so that listeners can better understand interest and demand for microalgae.

The use and importance of algae within the aquaculture industry is growing. In 2007, A. Richmond identified that "since most artificial substitutes are inferior to live microalgae as feed for the critical stages in the life cycles of several aquaculture species, a growing demand for microalgae will go hand in hand with the expected growth of aquaculture throughout the world."

The webinar will be held at 4pm GMT and listeners will have the chance to ask questions afterwards if they wish.

To listen to the webinar live simply register for free here.