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Jellyfish Alert for Northern Ireland

by 5m Editor
21 September 2009, at 1:00am

NORTHERN IRELAND, UK - Thousands of mauve stinger jellyfish have been found at White Park Bay, following similar warnings for Scotland a week ago.

Northern Ireland's Environment Agency has issued a jellyfish alert after Mauve Stingers were found on a beach on the north coast.

According to the BBC, they are same type of jellyfish that led to the deaths of more than 100,000 salmon when a huge shoal was blown onto a fish farm at Glenarm two years ago.

The stingers were found on the beach at White Park Bay and swimmers and surfers have been advised to be cautious.

The jellyfish can deliver a nasty, powerful sting.

Scientists have been searching the beach for washed-up jellyfish, after a large number were brought up onto the sand on Thursday.

Councils along the coast have been contacted, along with the fish farm hit in the swamping two years ago.

Rural affairs correspondent, Martin Cassidy, said that the fish farm had re-stocked.

"You can imagine that they are particularly concerned when they hear that these jellyfish, which are normally deep ocean creatures, are once again being blown onto our coast," he said.

The company has put nets outside its cages to try and prevent another swamping and has fitted an aeration system in case some jellyfish get into the cages.

Scientist are trying to work out why the jellyfish are hitting Northern Ireland's shores, reports the BBC.

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