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Jammu and Kashmir Increase Trout Production

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INDIA - The Fisheries Department in Jammu and Kashmir has increased the breeding of trout to meet the demands of residents and private sector.

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The demands have increased with the change in the dietary habits as trout fish has largely replaced red meat for the people of the Kashmir Valley, reports the Tribune.

According to the the Fisheries Department, the favourable climatic conditions and appropriate breeding operation accelerate production of trout fish in Srinagar.

“We have achieved the goal and have to increase the production to keep in view the local demand of the fish, what we are producing and selling out to the common people and side by side to increase production further for private sector. So for that, we (are) taking all the measures,” said Muhammad Ashraf Darzi, the project officer of fisheries department.

The duration of breeding is four to five months and the suitable time starts from November and concludes in the month of February.

Breeding is known to be the most important part of the trout production as even a small mistake can affect the production.

During breeding, eggs of the fishes are kept in their monitoring cells.

Meanwhile, Javaid Ahmad, an employee, said they take care of every minute aspect during this period to increase production. “We put all our efforts in the breeding proce ss. If breeding is good the production will also be good,” said Mr Ahmad.

Trout is nutritious. An average-sized trout contains about 1.8 grams of Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid that is required for the development of brain and retina in infants. Trout also contains 20 per cent protein, Vitamins and forms the basis of healthy fibre-rich diet.

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