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Irish Sea Conservation Zone Holds 2nd Meeting

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IRELAND - The regional stakeholder group has met for the second time as it works towards its recommendations for Marine Conservation Zones.

During another full day of activities organised by group facilitator, Diana Pound, members continued to build a ‘shared understanding’ of each other’s interests and priorities.

They also heard more about the project’s Ecological National Guidance, the key document that lays out which and how much of various habitats and species should be covered by Marine Conservation Zones.

The 43 members of the stakeholder group are the people who will come up with recommendations for the sites and sizes of Marine Conservation Zones in the Irish Sea.

They will also draw up recommendations for which species and habitats each different zone will aim to protect and what the level of protection should be.

Members of the regional stakeholder group are drawn from the diverse interests in the Irish Sea, from commercial fishing to shipping, wind farms, diving, angling and academia.

The group’s final recommendations are due to go to the government next June, after which there will then be a full public consultation before the zones are due to be put in place in 2012.