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Investing In Norwegian Seafood

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NORWAY - With excellent results for 2010, the Norwegian Seafood Export Council is planning a record investment of NOK42 million in 2011.

"In 2010, we have focused on simple everyday food with salmon. Increase the marketing budget significantly, will mean that we can promote more of our many wonderful products such as cod, pollock, herring and halibut, to name a few, "said Marit Stagrum Ottem who is marketing manager for Norway in the Norwegian Seafood Export Council.

Norwegian seafood exports in 2009 were valued at 44.9 billion dollars, but the domestic market is also very important. Estimated consumption in Norway about the value of exports coming to Norway in the top three along with major export markets like Russia and France. It defends an increase in marketing dollars from 27.5 million to 42.4 million, an increase of over fifty per cent.

The sale of fresh salmon in Norway was historically high in the summer of 2010 and the Norwegians grills increasingly Norwegian seafood. The increase comes as a result of several factors that go in the same direction. Development of barbecue supply, salmon efforts by the seafood companies and grocery chains and increased emphasis on marketing under the auspices of the Export Council. This fall the Norwegians try new seafood dishes for everyday. So far, the campaigns every day to have much effect.

"For the first time in ten years we have enough money to market seafood through television advertisements. It is natural that you get increased visibility through such efforts. Nevertheless, it is gratifying to see the traffic that provides advertising on digital channels," says Ms Stagrum Ottem.

NSEC focuses on digital advertising in online newspapers and want increased traffic to the website On a single day visit has increased from about 1000 to 5000 At the same time growing the number of friends on Godfisk pages on facebook.

"Marketing in social media is new and challenging, but fantastic fun. Dialogue with our 18 400 fish-eating facebook friends about everything from seafood lunch to how to make the best fish soup is incredibly rewarding ," said Ms Stagrum Ottem.