Inhibitor Developed for Loma Gill Disease

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
15 July 2008, at 1:00am

US - The North American arm of animal health care company Stirling Products has developed an inhibitor for a parasite that affects farmed trout and salmon - Loma Gill Disease.

The company presented the results of their research at the 2008 Annual Meeting if the American Fisheries Society.

Stirling said the results showed that the company's beta glucan product. ProValeTM was effective in treating Loma salmonae a disease found in farmed fish, particularly Pacific salmon.

Dr Nicole Guselle, who presented the research findings said: "At this time there are no therapeutic agents or vaccines available for use as treatments for the microsporidian, Loma salmonae.

"When comparing the use of current unlicensed products to the use of Provale as a preventative agent for this infection in rainbow trout, Provale proved more effective."