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GLOBAL - Maximise yield and increase profitability with water quality enhancing products from Keeton.

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Pond Toss™ and Shrimp Shield™ are two probiotics that help improve the water quality on fish and shrimp farms by reducing ammonia and nitrites and by digesting organic sludge.

Maintaining good water quality is important in aquaculture as the quality of water effects the health and growth of your fish. Good water quality can also help improve the Feed Conversion Ratio which in turn improves fish size and profits.

Probiotics are also an important component of fish farming as they help promote good growth, health and survival of your fish/shrimp which in turn generates better profits.

PondToss combines the best probiotic and water conditioning bacteria in one formula.

By producing small peptides that have a probiotic effect on fish, the product helps improve survival.

Pond Toss also creates a natural, beneficial Bio-Floc, while reducing ammonia and nitrite.

Similarly, ShrimpShield works the same as Pond Toss but is designed for use on shrimp farms.

The ShrimpShield formula contains a unique blend of microbes that increases it’s overall effectiveness, as well as the fact that it is effective in a wide range of water temperatures and salinities up to 40ppt.

It is also effective over a higher pH range than other probiotics and is works well in fresh, brackish or salt-water applications.

Both products are easy to store and use. Simply take one of the preportioned 250-gram water-soluble bags and place it into your pond. The bags then dissolve in less than a minute, releasing the contents into the pond.

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