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Improve Fish Health with UR30 Copper Mesh Aquaculture Cages

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GREECE - In 2012, Fitco Metal Works SA acquired from Mitsubishi Shindoh the right to produce UR30 copper alloy wire, which is used to manufacture wire mesh for fish farm cages.

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With a 64 per cent copper content, the UR30 alloy mesh retains all the environmental-friendly properties of copper, offering an ideal solution for sustainable aquaculture.

The high strength, corrosion resistant and antifouling properties of copper make it an ideal material for use in farming fish and for fish welfare while offering significant environmental advantages.

The UR30 mesh is also a fully recyclable material, which prevents fish escapes and bio-contamination (no antifouling procedures).

The UR30 mesh cages are constructed according to strict technical specifications and maintain their shape and properties in the long term.

The copper alloy cages are fitted and installed on site by Fitco’s specialised and experienced technicians, while the company offers a full range of technical support services to its customers.

The UR30 mesh helps decrease operating costs, by reducing to a minimum the need for frequent diver maintenance operations, and it increases fish production by ensuring lower fish stress and mortality rates.

The release of copper ions prevents biofouling, the undesirable accumulation of microorganisms, plants, algae and barnacles, and maintains high oxygen levels in the cage area.

As a result, mesh cleaning or replacement operations are significantly reduced and fish quality is markedly improved.

Offering a cleaner, safer and healthier environment the UR30 copper alloy mesh improves fish health and welfare, offering significant financial, environmental and managerial advantages to modern aquaculture.