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Icelandic Cod Passes Sustainable Audit

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ICELAND - The jiggers and liners Ny-Fiskur cod fleet supplying Marine Harvest and the Swiss wholesaler and processor Covedis (provider of Manor and Sushi Zen) has recently passed a thorough Friend of the Sea audit.

The management plan for the Icelandic cod stock was considered by ICES as consistent with the precautionary approach and with maximum sustainable yield. This was only part of the official scientific evidence which led to certification.

The fishing methods audited have no impact on the seabed. The vessels respect spawning and nursery closure areas and discards are strictly prohibited. If the undersized fished cod is more or equal to 25% of the catch, the fishing area is immediately closed for fishing. None of the by-caught species are listed as vulnerable in the IUCN Redlist of endangered species.

The certified cod will now reach the Swiss and International markets carrying the Friend of the Sea logo.