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Iceland May Become Leading Blue Mussel Producer

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ICELAND - After many years of research, Northlight seafood is now ready to start farming 100.000 tons per annum of blue mussel, but it is estimated that the farming capacity of the area is up to ten times this quantity.

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When the target is reached, that will then make Iceland the second largest producer of blue mussel in Europe, but it has the potential to become the world largest producer.

To produce such large quantities, Iceland will use its clean sea and undisturbed nature to its advantage.

The narrow fjords and comparatively mild weather on the Westfjord makes this area highly suitable.

This combined with an innovative way of producing blue mussel on a large scale, based on farming mussel on a rope by using a raft floating in the sea, makes this a project to follow closely in the near future.

The first mussel is expected to be ready for sale in the year 2019.

Many investors are now in negotiation with Northlight Seafood, to be part of this project and it is estimated that the production will start in 2017.

Northlight Seafood is welcoming new investors to contact them.

The blue mussel is a relatively unknown source of food in many countries, this makes it's potential so large.

Mussels are a low fat low calorie food and an excellent source of sodium (243mg), selenium (76 mcg), vitamin B12 (20 mcg), zinc (2.3 mg), and foliate (64 mcg), and as such, its consumption may be recommended.