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Humbolt Will Take Up Production Again

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CHILE - The local producer company Salmones Humboldt -subsidiary of the major fishing player Pesquera Coloso- will take up their salmon production again after a halt established in 2009 due to the consequences of ISA virus.

The general manager of Pesquera Coloso, Domingo Jiménez, detailed that they are already sowing a complete site with almost 600,000 smolts, operation that they expect to repeat by the end of this year in another site. Both decisions would be based on the sanitary improvements experienced by the Chilean industry according to the financial journal Diario Financiero.

“Our original plan was ending 2010 with the production of 20,000 tonnes. That is the plan that we are taking up again so we expect to accomplish that goal by the year 2012 or 2013” he said.

Mr Jiménez also added that the company indefinitely suspended their Northern scallop farming operations due to lower production costs in Peru and a decreased demand from European customers.