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Human Noises Cause Fish Stress and Tissue Damage

by 5m Editor
1 April 2009, at 1:00am

UK - A study published in the most recent issue of the journal Integrative Zoology reports that human-generated sound has detrimental effects on fish.

The review by Arthur Popper and Mardi Hastings reports that fish suffer from effects ranging from loss of hearing, increased stress levels and even death due to anthropogenic noises, says PracticalFishkeeping.

The sources of man-made sounds are varied, and include boats and ships, seismic exploration devices, construction activities, and active sonars.

The authors of the report write: “The range of potential effects from intense sound sources, such as pile driving and seismic air guns, includes immediate death.

“Alternatively, effects could include tissue damage that might or might not directly result in death but that might make the fish less fit until healing takes place, resulting in lower chances of survival.

“There is also the potential for temporary hearing loss due to exposure to intense sound sources, and this too could lower fitness until hearing recovers.


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