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CANADA - British Columbia's (BC) farmed salmon are second only to east coast lobster in value when it comes to provincial seafood exports from across the country, says the BC Salmon Farmers Association.

In the 2009 federal review of trade figures for Canada’s fish and seafood exports, BC’s salmon farm exports were valued at $330.9 million for the 49,543 tonnes of Atlantic salmon sent to places like the US, European Union and Japan.

That’s a significant contribution towards the country’s $3.6 billion fish and seafood export market.

“We’re proud of the economic benefit our salmon farms have for local communities, the province and the nation,” said Mary Ellen Walling, Executive Director of the BC Salmon Farmers Association.

The export review was released Monday by federal Fisheries and Oceans Minister Gail Shea.

“The stability, predictability and innovation of Canada’s fish and seafood sector are key elements that are helping our businesses remain profitable and competitive while providing thousands of Canadians with jobs,” said Ms Shea.

Walling said the success of salmon farming businesses is only partly measured by their economic benefits though.

“We’ve developed a sustainable industry by balancing the environment, community and economy,” said Ms Walling. “To be truly sustainable, businesses have to be accountable to future generations on all three of those principles – and we are.”

The provincial government released its 2008 BC Seafood Industry Year in Review as well this week. According to that report, the wholesale value of the year’s cultured salmon harvest (both Pacific and Atlantic) was $495.2 million – making it the province’s “single-most significant commodity,” according to the report.

“The companies, employees and many community supporters deserve congratulations on all they’ve accomplished,” said Ms Walling. For people interested in learning more about the province’s largest agricultural export, the BCSFA hosts weekly farm tours from June to September. Contact the office, or visit, for more information.