Hawaii-based buyout will broaden marine activities

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
17 July 2007, at 1:00am

HAWAII - Marine Aqua has purchased Hawaii-based Unlimited Aquaculture LLC(UA).

UA was founded in 2004 by Don MacQuarrie and Ian Shand to produce sablefish and halibut in a land-based marine environment at the National Marines Fisheries Service (NELHA) facility in Kona.

With the purchase, Marine Aqua, a Washington company formed by the owners of eyed salmonid egg producer Troutlodge, will expand its commercial marine aquaculture activities. The opportunity means it can leverage its expertise on a commercial scale.

The company is now poised to develop cold water marine finfish for both food and development purposes. The long-term aim is to produce and sell high-quality marine juveniles to the growing marine aquaculture sector.

“Troutlodge has been engaged in marine finfish research for many years, largely in co-operation with the National Marines Fisheries Service, which provides us with a unique opportunity to produce cold water marine species in a pathogen-free environment and in a environmentally-sustainable manner,” said Marine Aqua Managing Partner Steve Brown.