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Grieg Implements Harmonised Regional Management Plan

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CANADA - Norwegian company, Grieg Seafood, is to make in season production changes to its operations in Esperanza Inlet on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, in order to implement a Harmonised Regional Management Plan for the area.

Accordign to a report in Fish Farming Xpertthe Esperanza Inlet was scheduled to receive most of Grieg's smolt early this spring.

It currently has a small contingent of fish that will be harvested early.

These in-season changes to production are designed to get the the Inlet prepared for stocking in the autumn, allowing the company to farm a single cohort of smolt throughout the inlet.

Fish Farming Xpert reports that Managing Director Peter Gibson said: “This means coordinated stocking plans for all farms within this operating region. By doing so Grieg Seafood expects to achieve even better production, fish health, and environmental management.

"This harmonised regional management plan (HRM) will optimize survival, allow us to coordinate any necessary treatments and ensure longer term success for the region. While this will shift our harvest times slightly we feel that this readjustment will significantly increase our ability to manage the region effectively. It is an approach that we have been considering for some time.”

Grieg has five farm sites in Esperanza Inlet.

Grieg Seafood employs 130 people in British Columbia, producing fresh high quality salmon for people in many parts of the world including Canada, Europe and the USA.